CSAGT - Usual Sourcing Consultancy Procedure:


CSAGT submit a product-specific techno-commercial questionnaire to the Customer serving as a platform to fix all the technical and commercial requirements.




Our Customer returns this questionnaire to us, duly completed and along with additional relevant documents, if any. The completed questionnaire will form an integral part of the sourcing consultancy contract to be concluded between the Customer and CSAGT.




CSAGT professionally investigate on relevant suppliers / service providers on the international market level who must be sufficiently qualified to meet the technical and commercial requirements fixed in the completed questionnaire adequately.
As a result, after having deeply studied the relevant technical and commercial quotations / statements of the relevant
suppliers / service providers, CSAGT take a final decision on which supplier / service provider is supposed to meet the relevant technical and commercial requirements in the best manner and who accordingly is recommended by CSAGT for the job in question.
Only in case CSAGT succeed, the consultancy fee fixed initially in the
sourcing consultancy contract to be concluded, will become due.