CSAGT - Usual Project Consultancy Procedure:


Either a Supplier or Service Provider approaches CSAGT or vice versa concerning a certain project in the Middle East (Projects understood in a wide sense, including also product and service inquiries).




Supplier / Service Provider and CSAGT conclude a project respectively market-specific cooperation agreement according to the prevailing market needs.




CSAGT continuously supervise, support, control and manage the complete project in collaboration with associated offices in the Middle East, starting with the preparation of an optimised pre-qualification and/or technical and financial quotation and ending with the completion of the project (If a warranty period applies, then its termination marks the completion of the project).




A consultancy fee will be claimed by CSAGT only in case of success (if the intended deal is realised indeed). Such a project consultancy fee has to be fixed before submission of any quotation and usually becomes due on pro-rata basis when the Supplier / Service Provider receives payment(s) from the Middle Eastern end-user, usually through a letter of credit confirmed by a first class bank.